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Discovery Toolbox

Customized planning is your primary differentiator. It’s what sets you apart from the large brokerage firms and the roboadvisors. But to do it well, you need a clear process that helps you understand each client’s needs, create a tailored plan to achieve their goals, and set the stage for a trusted relationship.

Our Discovery Toolbox is designed to help you make the most of your initial client meeting, and serve as a springboard for your ongoing relationship. The Discovery Toolbox focuses on seven categories of information, each targeting a specific aspect of the client’s relationship with money, and their relationship with you, their advisor.

  1. Values: What is truly meaningful to them and what type of client will they be? How do they value money? What is their biggest financial fear?
  2. Goals: What is important to them? What do they dream about doing or achieving? How do they want to be remembered?
  3. Relationships: Who are the important people in their life and what do they want to do for them? What causes are important to them, and how do they hope to support them financially?
  4. Assets: What assets have they accumulated to date, and what type of strategy do they need to achieve financial success in the future?
  5. Advisors: Are they working with other advisors? What role do they want you to play on this team to help achieve their goals?
  6. Process: What kind of working relationship makes them most comfortable? Do they need you to walk them through each recommendation, or do they prefer to hand over their assets and trust you with the decision-making process?
  7. Interests: What do they like to do? How do they like to spend their time? How do they plan to use their assets to fund their interests?

By giving you the tools you need to explore these and other thought-provoking questions, the Discovery Toolbox helps create meaningful conversations that build trust.

The result: stronger client relationships, increased qualified referrals and, ultimately, more assets under management.

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