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Lindner Capital Advisors is a global leader in asset management that benefits from the proven principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, a Nobel Prize-winning investment methodology. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a life in balance through an academic and scientifically based approach to portfolio construction. Our exclusive models and experienced asset managers are made available only to our clients through broker dealers and financial advisors approved by LCA.

Every portfolio we design is specifically tailored to the client’s unique risk tolerances, investment objectives, and time horizons. Our portfolios are designed to achieve favorable diversification and an appropriate risk-return balance. That is why informed clients and knowledgeable financial professionals everywhere look to LCA for outstanding results.

For Relationship Managers:
we boost your ability to provide your clients with investment strategies that really work and to expand your business without sacrificing quality customer service.

For Investment Clients:
we use asset class investment methods not available to the general public that are exceptionally low in both turnover rates and trading costs. Our fee structure eliminates the worry of commission-driven trading.

Our strategy calls for investing with select institutional portfolio managers, including Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. and Goldman Sachs. You can count on LCA to deliver the highest quality investment experience.

We deliver the performance advantages you can depend on:

  • Be focused and flexible: Avoid negative effects of index funds
  • Achieve better returns through execution: Benefit from significant discounts on large block trades
  • Low duration, high quality fixed income investments
  • Employ tax management strategies: Portfolios designed to decrease the tax consequences of your investments

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