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Lindner Capital Advisors Portfolios

Your clients are striving to grow their assets. As a trusted advisor, your goal is to provide the strongest possible portfolio to meet their needs—without having to spend the bulk of your waking hours analyzing, rebalancing, and researching the options.

At Lindner Capital Advisors, we provide access to portfolios predominately using Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)—one of the most respected providers of institutional funds and advanced portfolio designs. Based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), DFA’s approach is rooted in the ideas of Eugene Fama, a leading thinker and economist known for his work on portfolio theory, asset pricing and stock market behavior, and the recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics.

And while all of that sounds very impressive, what it really means is that Lindner offers a menu of portfolios that are continuously researched, analyzed, and managed by industry leaders. With a portfolio option to match the specific needs of each client—and complete back office support, online account access, and quarterly rebalancing—we make portfolio management easier than ever for you and your team.

Traditional Portfolio Series

Suitable for investors with increasingly complex investment needs who are seeking portfolio solutions that match their risk profile, our Traditional Portfolio Series caters to both retirement and taxable accounts, using tax efficient investments where necessary. These broadly diversified portfolios contain more than 11,000 securities across 40 countries and 15 asset classes, and each portfolio is weighted to address any investor’s risk tolerance.

Contemporary Portfolio Series

For investors who do not want to experience the full ups and downs of the market, the Contemporary Portfolio Series focuses on protecting the downside rather than keeping pace with the upswings of the market. These portfolios utilize alternative investments and are best for investors looking for an extra layer of risk management.

Defensive Portfolio Series

For the very conservative investor who needs current income where yields on CDs or cash equivalents fall short, the Defensive Portfolio Series consists of all fixed income mutual funds. These portfolios offer both a retirement and taxable account solution.

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