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Welcome ONESCO/ONIMCO Advisors

New Account Set-Up

In order to get started, you or your client should complete the New Account Questionnaire.    Please be sure to complete all fields to avoid delays in processing paperwork.  This includes ensuring that both the Investment Objective and Tax Status fields are filled in. 

Once completed, the following will be sent to you pre-populated and ready for signature.  You may request blank copies of the forms listed below.  However, please note that this may delay the account opening process.

1. LCA required paperwork: IMA & Fee Agreement

Portfolio Series Paperwork  Account Minimum
Traditional, Strategic Fixed Income, and Strategic Alternative $100,000
Strategic Alternative Blend $100,000
Tactical Economic $100,000
Defensive $50,000
Global Portfolio Series Accounts Under $100,000

2. Custodian Paperwork 

To receive the most up to date custodian forms and assistance with new account paperwork, please contact our Account Servicing Department at 770- 977- 7779 or email them directly here:  Account Servicing. For email requests, please make sure to note the type of account you would like to open (IRA, IND, Trust, SEP, etc.).

3. Broker Dealer Approval  

Please submit your signed LCA paperwork, along with signed copies of the following ONESCO/ONIMCO required forms to your Broker Dealer.   Please be sure to complete all fields to avoid delays in processing paperwork.

  • ONIMCO-1   (Client Information Form, page 1*)
  • ONESCO-3   (Best Interest Documentation Form)
  • ONESCO-68 (Retirement Plan Rollover Disclosure)

If you need assistance with the above referenced forms, please contact the Operations Department at ONESCO/ONIMCO directly.


Contact Erin Winer with ONESCO at 855-262-0913, or at

It is important to note that this is being furnished for your convenience and that the forms may be revised by ONESCO/ONIMCO at any time.  Any fields left blank (as indicated above), could result in delays.  If you are unsure about certain fields, we suggest that you check with ONESCO/ONIMCO to confirm the forms and fields required prior to submission.

4. Funding 

Checks must be made out to the custodian bank.  Please note that checks should be mailed directly to the Custodians.  Checks should not be mailed to Lindner Capital offices.  Custodian mailing instructions can be found here.

If the client is transferring their account from another contra firm, they must submit a copy of their most recent statement along with the custodian transfer form.

5. Mailing Instructions

Please mail all BD approved new account paperwork to:

Lindner Capital Advisors
600 Village Trace, Building 23
Marietta, GA 30067
Attn: Client Services Department 

Please Note: If properly completed paperwork is not received, your new account processing time may be delayed either with your Broker Dealer or with Lindner Capital.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Client Service Representative at 770-977-7779 or email


45 – Day Review

It is quite easy for the client to become overwhelmed in the weeks following the implementation of the investment plan. The 45 – Day Review allows you to help the client recognize and organize their financial paperwork and ensures that they understand the future steps involved with their investment plan.

LCA will send you a leather-bound blue binder with copies of all the client’s executed documents for you to present to your client at the 45 – Day Review.

Quarterly Statements

Every quarter, LCA will send your clients a comprehensive Quarterly Performance Statement. Click here to view a sample statement.

Trade Requests (for established accounts)

1. Complete the LCA Trade Request Form. 

2. Submit the form to LCA will send confirmation of receipt to both the TradePMR Advisor and to TradePMR Operations Department.

Disclosure: Trade Requests must be submitted to using LCA’s Trade Request Form. LCA will not be held responsible for any delays in the trading process caused by missing information. If you do not receive and email or phone call confirming the receipt of your trade request, please contact us to ensure your request is in the queue for processing.

Though LCA is available to execute trades between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm EST, trading requests received after 2:30pm will be executed on a best efforts basis. Please see IMA for additional disclosure information. For assistance please contact our account servicing team at (770) 977-7779 or (800) 229-4306.

Contact Information

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Contact your LCA Regional Director at 770-977-7779 or

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